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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ashley Madison Cheating Website Hacked. Cyber Attackers Threaten to Expose All Profiles Publicly!

Modern technology has paved the way for a lot of good things, however, it has also created a venue for the bad. Ashley Madison is a website that specifically caters to cheating spouses, which means that all the users there are either married or in a relationship looking for hookups and one-night stands.

According to the website, they have 37 million registered users. The controversial dating site was hacked by a group known as the Impact Team, and they are threatening to expose all information on the users and their activities if the website doesn't shut down.

The Impact Team has already exposed some of the information from Avid Life Media, the company that owns Ashley Madison, Established Men and Cougar Life. According to experts, the Impact Team may have made the attack in response to the ALM service Full Delete (which promises users that their entire data/information will be deleted from all servers for only $19). Various hackers have claimed that the service was offered, however, the users' names and addresses weren't removed.

Here is the notice on their website:

This is the second major hack in the past months on an adult dating website.

In May, hackers broke into AdultFriendFinder’s servers, leaving millions of users exposed and their information traded on web forums.

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Via Elite Daily

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