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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Amazing True Stories: 5 Brave People Who Escaped North Korea Overcoming Enormous Odds

North Korea is allegedly one of the most oppressed Communist countries that a lot of people try to escape. A country that threatens to attack a lot of other countries (even their own neighboring nation: South Korea), North Korea is believed to be brainwashing and starving its people for obedience.

While there are many who try to escape, only few succeed in starting anew since some are imprisoned or worse, killed, in their quest for freedom.

Here are stories of 5 brave people who managed to escape North Korea:
  1. Park Yeonmi

    Park Yeonmi escaped North Korea a teenager on foot. She describes the horrors she faced on her road to freedom. Read more about it.

  2. Kim Hyuk

    Kim Hyuk had been a street child since he was 7 years old. He survived into adulthood as a beggar, he escaped North Korea after going to "Re-education Camp". Read more about it.

  3. Song Byeok

    Song Byeok became a state propaganda artist at age 24. His entire family perished during the 1990s famine, and he himself was imprisoned after an unsuccessful escape attempt with his father. Read more about it.

  4. Jo Jin Hye

     Although Jo Jin Hye managed to escape into China with her mother & sister, all three were caught on many occasions, deported to face a torturous repatriation process, before escaping again for good. Read more about it.

  5. Hyeonseo Lee

    Hyeonseo Lee fled to China in 1997 and was almost caught several times. She was one of the many who suffered during the great famine. Read more about it.

Watch a video by one of the escapees, share the article and let us know what you think in the Today in Manila comments section below!

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