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Friday, August 21, 2015

20-Year-Old Dutch Comes Up with Project to Clean Oceans

A video of a turtle that had a long plastic straw inside its nose went viral on Social Media; but even before that, thousands of sea creatures have fallen prey to waste being dumped into the oceans.

Boyan Slat went on a diving trip in Greece where he saw more trash than marine life so he decided to come up with a plan to help solve this problem. The Ocean Cleanup, a company Slat founded, will be launching the world's first system to passively clean the ocean on 2016.

Instead of actively collecting garbage, they will be utilizing the ocean's natural currents to steer the debris, where they can be collected. The system is said to exclude ensnaring wildlife and if all goes according to plan, the garbage will be recycled and the proceeds will go to the cost of the cleanup. It will span 2,000 meters and it's said to be the largest floating structure. It will be launched off the coast of Japan's Tsushima Island.

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