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Thursday, July 16, 2015


Police is the one that we should consider when we have problems and complains.They say we should trust them.In fact,they were the ones that we call when there is happening in our vicinity like robbery, fight or anything that involves crime.But what if the ones we trust are the people who does something wrong with us? Do they still deserve the trust coming from us?

Watch the full report from News5Everywhere and see how a Chief of Police from Cavite tortures an accused snatcher while he was in a cell.

In this cellphone video from a concern citizen,we could see how Carmona-PNP Police chief inspector Jigger Noceda tortures a man inside a cell.He was forced to talk and to admit that he snatched a cellphone.The Chief of Police continuously shouts at the accused man. Moments after, he forced to let the man to put his arms outside the steel bars to give him some disciplinary action because of the crime that he commits.

While the Brutal Chief was doing this, the other police are laughing while watching instead of doing something to make their Chief stop.

The accused man was released after the complainant forgive him.

This footage was sent to the provincial director of Cavite in an envelop in CD with a letter by a concern citizen that until now remains unknown.They still hope that the man behind the camera would file a complain to the police officer.

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