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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Video: White Lady in Baguio. Watch the Shocking Footage!

The Philippines is home to a lot of myths and urban legends; most of them, horrifying monsters that differ from region to region. Baguio passerby's were surprised to meet a faceless lady dressed in white.

The term White Lady, also known as Mulher de Branco, is lady who has been betrayed by a husband, boyfriend or fiance. They are often associated with a single family tree and are told to be a harbinger of death. It is one of the most common and well-known folklore since every region, whether in the Philippines or in other places, have their own version or incident of White Lady appearances.

In the Philippines, the most popular White Lady incident is the apparition in Balete Drive; which has caused numerous accidents and inspired many scare stories. A Youtube prankster decides to take the infamous White Lady to the streets of Baguio City.

Watch the videos below and let us know what you would do if you ever find yourself in a scary situation like that!

Via Youtube

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