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Monday, July 27, 2015

Video: Mayor Duterte Bursts in Anger While Meeting Kidnappers

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is the outspoken iron fist that has converted Davao City into a clean, progressive and law-abiding City. His no-nonsense attitude and simple outlook especially where criminals and criminal activities are involved has made him one of the most feared and well-loved politicians in the Philippines.

Malih Jaspar Singh, Indian National, was freed from his captors. The 31-year-old resident of Wellspring Village in Catalunan Pequeño was reportedly kidnapped by the four kidnappers Jerry Singh, Josephine Onas and siblings Noel and Bobby Onin. Davao City Police Office or DCPO spokesperson Senior Inspector Milgrace Driz said that Malih was rescued him after sensing that the captors would free him, since they had initially demanded for a P30 million ransom reduced to P200,000 until no payout took place.

The Task Force Davao or TFD conducted a checkpoint in Barangay Lacson, Calinan where the victim was intercepted while onboard a Rural Transit Bus with plate number KVV631. Even though four have already been captured, six more are allegedly involved in the kidnapping.

Mayor Duterte said that if he had his way, he'd bring back death penalty by hanging, which is cheaper than electrocution but delivers the same result. He guaranteed that the four will not get out of prison since kidnapping is a non-bailable offense.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think about Mayor Duterte in the comments section below!
Via SunStar

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  1. Dpt c duterte tlga mgngg president pra my takt n ang mga hyop n mga kwatn at kidnnpers bsta lht ng criminals!!!dpt din higpitan ang pagpasok ng foriegners s atng bansa kc cla ngdadala ng mga illigal tuld ng shabu

  2. Duterte for President... Kala mo kng sino maaamong tupa ngaun tong nga kriminal na to.. You should run for Presidency Mayor Duterte.. Salute!

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  4. at ayun na nga presidente na c tatay digong ubos lahat ng masasamang damo..


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