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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Video: Cleaning Ladies in Haunted House Get the Scare of Their Lives. Watch the Shocking Footage!

Cleaning a mansion is one of the most rewarding tasks maids can do. They get insight on the history and culture of the rich people living in the house; but what happens if they get more than they bargained for?

Warner Brothers, in a Marketing stunt for the movie Annabelle, gave Brazilian cleaning ladies quite a scare when they brought a scary doll to life. With lighting and sound effects, they managed to recreate a terrifying experience. Locking the door only added to the scary experience as the maids fear for their lives.

The video has had 19 million views since its upload in 2014, and continues to circulate social medias as netizens can't get enough of the Annabelle scare.

Watch the scary prank below and let us know what you think. Does the Marketing stunt make you want to watch Annabelle?

Via Youtube

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