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Friday, July 17, 2015

Studies Suggest Women with Bigger Butts Produce Smarter Children

According to the studies in the University of Pittsburgh and University of California in Santa Barbara, women with more fats on their things and butts have a higher chance of producing smart children.

There was a study on over 16,000 women, where the curvy girls outscored the slender ones on cognitive tests, and their children outscored the skinnier mom's kids as well. However, it is to be noted that bigger is automatically better; because what matters the size of the hips in comparison to the waist. 

Apparently, fat stored around the bottom area are high in Omega-3 acids (which are known to promote brain growth) while the middle part is high in Omega-6 acids; there are valuable components in the developing child's nervous system, especially when transferred through breast-feeding.

Surgically-enhanced behinds do not necessarily equate to smarter kids though.


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