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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pregnant Woman Stranded in Forest Delivered Own Baby, Fought Bees and Started Forest Fire

While most pregnant women go shopping for baby things and clothes, Amber Pangborn did extreme survival for three days in Nevada’s Plumas National Forest.

Pangborn had contractions in south Oroville and decided to go up Oro-Quincy Highway to take a connecting road to her parents’ house off Highway 70, a path she was totally unfamiliar with. When she continued on French Creek Road, she found out that she was low on gas and out of coverage area.

She gave birth to her daughter at 5am and had to fight off bees and mosquitoes because they only had four apples and low supply of water to last them indefinitely.

Her and her baby's adventure finally ended in a wild forest fire that had her rescued when it was discovered by a U.S. Forestry Fire Detection System. Amber (mother) and Marissa (daughter) were admitted into Oroville Hospital on Saturday and Marisa was transported to UC Davis on Sunday for further evaluation.

Via Uproxx

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