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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nose and Chin Surgery Goes Wrong.

Ellowe Alviso has been frequenting talent searches since the age of 16; which gave him the interest to change the way he looked. In order to make it in the industry, he wanted a higher nose bridge and dimpled chin.

Through a friend, he was referred to "Kashika", a nurse allegedly well-versed in surgery.

Everything went well until around 2 years after the surgery, when his nose blew up and his chin became inflamed. His face became unrecognisable. According to Dr. Vicente Gil, he was injected with impure collagen that granulated over time so it hardened. Apparently the body kept rejecting the chemicals that lead to swelling and infection, which, in effect, destroyed his skin.

Ellowe Alviso now
Last year, Ellowe filed an Illegal Practice of Medicine case in Laguna against Kashika due to the complications that arose from the surgery. The pending case still has not been resolved in the Fiscal Office until now.

Kashika was not available for comment.


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