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Friday, July 24, 2015

Modus Operandi: Excess-Passenger Snatching Caught on Video. Watch How They Steal In Just a Few Seconds!

One of the primary modes of public transportation in the Philippines is the Jeepney. While the jeepney's capacity is enough to accommodate the usual commuters, male excess passengers are not uncommon especially during rush hour or past the traffic enforcer's work hours.

According to the narration in Facebook, the one who captured the video was riding a taxi cab around 6pm on the way to SM (most probably in Cebu since the jeepney number was 24- a route from Consolacion to SM and vice versa; the video's caption, as well as the dialogue, was also in Cebuano, a dialect in the Visayas area.).

During the stop signal, 2 men in blue polo shirts squeezed in with the rest of the excess passengers (passengers hanging from the rear of the jeepney) and it could be seen that they were behaving suspiciously; holding a jacket over another passenger's backpack pocket and looking around. After retrieving what appears to be a cellphone (according to the reaction of the taxi driver in the video), one of the thieves signaled at the direction of the video-taker (and they decided to leave after that).

The caption on the video said that the video-taker wanted to inform the kid but the 2 thieves were close by and they were afraid that the 2 men would try something on them as well.

What Modus Operandi have you experienced first-hand? View and share this video. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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