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Monday, July 20, 2015

Doctors Attach Man's Severed Hand to His Leg, The Reason Will Shock You!

China is certainly the country of extraordinary news and feats. A hospital in Changsha, capital of Hunan Province in central China, records a case where a man's severed hand was attached to his lower limb for a month in an effort to "keep it alive".

A factory worker known as Mr. Zhou has his left hand chopped off with a spinning blade machine during work. He was immediately taken to Xiangya Hospital in Changsha.

Dr. Tang Juyu, head of microsurgery in the aforementioned hospital, decided to give Zhou the chance to revive his lost hand with a similar operation to one they had already done in 2013.

Due to the fact that both the arm and the hand were severely damaged in the accident, they couldn't reattach the parts right away. The hand was successfully grafted into his arm after a month when the nerves and tendons have already healed from the incident.

Via DailyMail

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