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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cannibal Mother Tries to Eat Baby Shortly After Birth

Postpartum depression is a common occurrence among women who just gave birth but China records a rare case of postpartum cannibalism. Li Zhenghua, a 24-year-old woman, was discovered to have tried to devour her infant. The attack had happened in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province in China. Prior to birth, the woman had been found on the streets in labor. The woman, apparently homeless and suspected to be mentally-unstable, was taken to the hospital where she gave birth and tried to eat her own child.

A nurse discovered her trying to eat her offspring's arm and she immediately tried to rescue the infant even as the crazed mother wouldn't release the baby; she, along with other hospital staff succeeded in saving the baby. The infant's arm was badly bleeding, damaged and bruised as a result of bites; fortunately, the doctors had managed to insert a vice to stop her teeth from closing, levering her jaws apart.

According to the authorities, her mother-in-law had thrown her out on the streets even when she was pregnant because she started acting crazy at home.

The mother was sedated and taken into a secure location while the child was placed in a government care facility.

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