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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bizarre People Living in Island Will Kill Anyone Who Tries to Come Ashore

Imagine a shipwreck with only a few number of survivors. In the distance, they see an island with inhabitants; most people would think that land is equivalent to salvation; but there is record of a murderous tribe that don't allow foreigners to touch their soil. It's the stuff of island horror movies!

The North Sentinel Island, located in the Bay of Bengal Ocean, between Myanmar and Indonesia; is allegedly home to one of the most isolated tribes in the world. The Sentinelese are the last Stone Age tribes on Earth whose culture and tradition have remained untouched by Modern Civilization (yes, no Mobile Phones or Internet. How did they survive!). The island formally belongs to India, however, no one dares to visit or approach the island due to the extreme violence and hostility of the tribe. Anyone who has tried to make contact with them were either attacked or, worse, dead.

The first incident of violence was recorded in 1896 when a Hindu convict escaped prison and landed on North Sentinel via a makeshift raft. His body was found on the beach a few days later, with his throat cut and his body filled with arrow perforations.

In 2006 (January 26th), two men were killed when they were fishing illegally in the area. A coastguard helicopter made attempts to get the bodies but were unable to do so because they were showered by arrows from the locals.

The Sentinelese are believed to have lived on the island for 60,000 years! Because they spent such a long time in isolation, their hostility is expected. In order to protect the Tribe and stop any more unnecessary violence, the Indian government made a law that restricts visitors by a three-mile radius.

To learn more about this amazing Tribe, watch the video below. Don't forget to share and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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