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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Toddler with Huge Head Miraculously Survives Operations

Roona Begum hit headlines in 2013 when she was rushed to the hospital after suffering from severe Hydrocephalus, a condition wherein an excessive amount of water is stored in the head; which made her head swell to three times its normal size.

Interest in the toddler has rekindled due to the reduction of her head size from 37 inches to 23 inches. The surgeons in New Delhi, India miraculously reduced the size of her head by 38% but she was discharged with very little chance of surviving.

In July of 2014, she was found to be alive and well enough to smile; although still unable to walk due to the weight of her head. She could crawl, eat and interact with her parents Abdul Rahman, 21, and Fatima Khatun, 23.

They hope that she may be able to attend school in the future, positive of her progress and recovery. Even though Roona is still far from danger, the doctors and her parents are hopeful that she would be cured eventually.

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