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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Australia to Exterminate 2 Million Feral Cats to Save Species from Extinction

Australia is known for having a variety of species and animals. Among these, the mountain pygmy-possum, the brush-tailed rabbit-rat, and nearly 40 other mammal and bird species are facing the threat of extinction due to feral cats.

In the "Threatened Species Strategy", a new program created by Greg Hunt at the Melbourne Zoo, the Australian government are targeting around 2 million feral cats, since they have contributed in the extinction of 27 mammals and are threatening another 142 species. As action plan, they want to have the cats elimated by the year 2020.

The cats are henceforth listed as "harmful pest" and will be targeted through baiting, shooting and poisoning. "We are drawing a line in the sand today which says 'on our watch, in our time, no more species extinction,'" Hunt says.

Due to lack of funding, they are planning to accept donations for the cause.

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