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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Real-Life Benjamin Button, a 20-Year-Old that Looks like a Toddler

Most people want eternal youth, Brooke Greenberg has it. She is one of about a dozen children all over the world who has Syndrome X, a disorder that prevents the natural aging process.

In the first six years of her life, Brooke went through a series of medical emergencies, often recovering from them without explanation. She had survived surgeries for 7 perforated stomach ulcers. She had also experienced a brain seizure, followed by a stroke, that apparently didn't leave any permanent damage. At 4, she slept for 14 days; the doctors had diagnosed a brain tumor then. Her family had prepared to say goodbye to her the

Brooke still had baby teeth at age 16, and her bone age was estimated to be more like 10.

Brooke Greenberg was a curious case, having never aged or developed beyond the physical size of an infant and a mental capacity of a toddler. She finally died at 20, her funeral was Sunday at a synagogue outside Baltimore.


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