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Sunday, May 3, 2015

WATCH: See what happens when Ex-cops smoke weeds!!

3 Ex-cops smoking weeds!!In the recently concluded celebration of “4/20” where many people urge their Government to legalize marijuana for Medical and Recreational purposes. CUT Videos, a YouTube channel found 3 Ex-Cops which they ask if they have ever smoked Marijuana and if they would like to do it again in honor of the annual event of publicly smoking weed on legalized states and to see their reaction.

It happened in Washington where Marijuana was recently legalized. They began with a pre-smoking sobriety test. All of them admitted on smoking weed before, but hadn’t done it for several years. The former officers quickly picked it back up, smoking weed that is. 25 minutes after having their first puff of the weed they were asked again to do the sobriety test which they hadn’t done much better.

After 45 minutes they were asked if marijuana should be legalized and they answered with a really logical reason why it should be stating that it’s more expensive to send people to prison than to send them to Harvard. And an hour after their initial smoke the CUT team asked them if they feel Horny as other people does and their answers were really hilarious.

Let us know on the comments section below about your thoughts if Marijuana should be legalized!

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