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Saturday, May 9, 2015


Our moms are the best gifts of God into our lives. Their dedication in doing their responsibilities for the whole family is indeed very powerful. It can transform lives and move mountains. Watch these videos of mother’s unconditional love that will surely move us into tears.
See these videos below: (Tribute first done by WereBlog)

Kay Inay –A story of an Overseas Filipino Worker who returns home to take care of his ailing mother. Featuring a mother-son duet that you won’t soon forget. Dedicated to the Filipina mothers.

One Eyed Mother’s Story - This story is the most popular among these videos. A really touching one that might even make you cry. Sometimes we must learn to appreciate what our mothers are doing to us and accept them for what they are.

For All The Times - Sometimes we get angry when our parents cannot comply with what we want. This is for those spoiled brat out there who doesn’t even give a damn about what their parents are going through.

Going Home - Due to dementia grandmother lost her way back home after she went out to buy some food for her granddaughter. Love the elderly while you still can!

Time is The Most Valuable Thing in The World - No matter how big or small our families are, it is important to share quality time and make priceless memories with them. Let’s try to remember that it’s not so much about the feast, but more about the precious time we spend together with our families.

Don’t Miss This One! – It’s hard not to feel this, so make as he says in this video, Go and tell your parents that you love them. This could happen to you, listen carefully what this person says and you will start feeling a little cry bubble inside your body.        

I dare you to hug all your moms and say how you love them! 
Comment your life stories with your mothers and message your love to them on the link below!

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