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Friday, May 15, 2015


There is nothing that could beat good deed and lending help for others. This is the true stairway to heaven. Watch this video of an awful man from Tarlac with flesh-eating disease that seeks help to people with golden hearts.

The said man named Gilbert Panlilio is currently residing in San Manuel, Tarlac City. He is said to be suffering his awful condition for about six years already that is said to have been started through a small bruise in a mole in his face done by a barber. But what is his condition?

According to some researches regarding this, the condition is done by a ‘Necrotizing Fasciitis’ (Flesh-Eating Bacteria). It is an infection caused by bacteria. It can destroy skin, fat, and the tissue covering the muscles within a very short time.

The disease sometimes is called flesh-eating bacteria. When it occurs on the genitals, it is called Fournier gangrene. Necrotizing fasciitis is very rare but serious. About 1 out of 4 people who get this infection die from it. Many people who get necrotizing fasciitis are in good health before they get the infection.

But what causes this? Necrotizing fasciitis is caused by several kinds of bacteria. Some of these bacteria also cause infections such as strep throat and impetigo. Usually the infections caused by these bacteria are mild. But in rare cases they can cause a more dangerous infection.

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"Ang nasa video na ito ay aking kapatid sa ina . Siya po ay si Gilbert Panlilio nakatira sa San Manuel,Tarlac Tarlac City. Siya ay anim na taon ng nagdurusa sa kanyang lumalaking sugat sa mukha na nagsimula sa kanyang nunal, na nasugatan ng barbero habang siya ay nagpapagupit ng buhok. Kami po ay humihingi ng tulong sa inyo upang mabigyang lunas ang kanyang karamdaman. Anumang tulong maging dasal man o pinansyal ay taos puso po naming pasasalamatan. Sana po siya'y inyong matulungan. Paki share nyo na rin po sana ang video na ito. Kung nais po ninyong magpaabot ng tulong maaari nyo po kaming tawagan o itext sa mga numero na ito. 0948-3964-170 , 0946-5458-077. Maraming salamat po "- Joland Tamayo WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: This film contains graphic images. Viewer discretion is advised.
Posted by Ayos Dito Dre on Friday, January 2, 2015

And how could it be treated? It is said that early treatment of necrotizing fasciitis is critical. The sooner treatment begins, the more likely you will recover from the infection and avoid serious complications, such as limb amputation or death. You may be treated in the intensive care unit (ICU) at the hospital.

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