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Monday, May 4, 2015

WATCH: Guy Tasers a real iPhone6 Plus!!!

Taser Vs iPhone6 plus!!Do you still remember the guy who shot and grinded an iPhone 6? Yeah! That guy from TechRax! It seems that he has other videos that do crazy stuffs to new technology and this time He Tasers a real iPhone6 plus! Most of us knows that he does this as an occupation though it’s not clear if He’s a full time reviewer or if He has his regular day job.

Never mind that for what he’s doing is becoming some sort of stress reliever for some other people or adds more stress to them because they find what He’s doing a huge waste of money and technology. He used a handheld Taser not a stun gun that fire pins at targets. He’s also using rubber gloves for protection from the electricity that might surge from what He’s about to do.

Watch the video below and see what happens if you Taser a good and technologically advanced piece of communication device.

Let us know on the comments section below if watching this video either helped you relieves stress or adds more stress in your life!!

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