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Sunday, May 3, 2015

WATCH: Four girls go drag racing for the first time!

Four Girls rides shotgun on drag racing supercars!I know movies like the Fast and Furious brought out the racers in us all. Some demonstrate their inner racer through video games or racing on proper race tracks whether its circuit, drifting or drag racing. We should always consider our and other people’s safety before thinking of the fun that goes with driving cars faster than a speed limit.

There are also other ways to feel the hype of racing. It’s much cheaper if you don’t have the resources to acquire a proper race car, it’s much safer than you driving a vicious machine for the first time, though it’s less fun and exciting. It’s riding shotgun on real race cars, although you’ll need to know someone who will let you ride with them while their racing and on a regular basis because the feeling is addictive.

Watch how 4 regular girls get to ride supercars drag racing on a public road (closed bridge) for the first time in their life. See how they enjoy and what I meant when I said that it’s addictive.

Leave comment below if you have already experienced driving or even riding shotgun on a race car before!

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