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Saturday, May 9, 2015

WATCH: Canadian invents ULTIMATE Beer Pong table!!!

Ultimate Beer Pong table!A few weeks ago, a video of an inventor showcasing his prized invention went viral on the internet. Wondering why an invention would go crazy over the internet? If someone invents a lightsaber or a time machine then social media would definitely go crazy over it.

But it isn’t the reason people went crazy over the video, the video showcased an invention that is really interesting especially when you love to party, drink and challenge people to a beer pong match. The invention was the “ultimate Beer pong table” where it has and automatic score panel, LED lights that syncs with the music, a ball washer and it is for sale.

Though some people think it’s crazy and overboard for a beer pong table to be like this, it actually is cool especially for us who loves having fun along with a few liters of beer. The table is for sale for $1,800 for the complete package. The inventor has already sold a handful of the table and still has a few orders to fill, he even said that he will make it as long as people want him to.

Canadian inventor takes beer pong to next level
A great Canadian invention.Beer pong just got INTENSE http://cbc.sh/EAl5xCm
Posted by CBC News on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Do you think this table will become a sure hit in the Philippines? Let us know on the comments section below!!

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