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Monday, May 18, 2015

WATCH: Awesome Drifting by RC cars!

Falken Tire's RC Drift cars!
Drifting is one of the fastest growing motorsport in the past decade as it became popularized by the famous anime and video game Initial D. Drifting has its own fundamentals like any other sport. You can’t just suddenly drift with any kind of car, when drifting began in japan there wasn’t any technology to aid you in drifting like we have today that’s why it’s just pure skill of the driver even though there really was some pre-requisite to drifting properly.

First you need to have a car that has manual transmission and either an all-wheel drivetrain or a rear wheeled one to begin with. Now there are many things that helps you become the best drifter in you, but not everyone becomes successful in this sport because it’s a very expensive one especially when you don’t have a sponsor and just drifts using your own cash.

Tires alone costs a hefty amount of money, and there’s still a long list of equipment’s’ you need to put in your car. This dream machines isn’t cheap for someone who earns by the hour. Your car needs to be customized based on its driver because the two really needs to have a connection in order to successfully execute a perfect drift.

That’s why people turns to RC drifting, it’s way smaller and cheaper than the real thing but it also gives you the same amount of happiness and enjoyment less the excessive excitement when you drive a real car. That’s why Falken Tires decided to create their latest ad using this mini mean machines and incorporating real engine and drifting sounds. The results are amazing!

Just watch the video below! Who here would love to try drifting or riding inside a drift car? Or does anyone owns a real drift car? Let us know on the comments section below!

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