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Monday, May 18, 2015

WATCH and learn: Disability Sensitivity Training!

Be Aware! Be very Aware!Many of us aren’t aware of how to react to persons with disabilities and how to properly help them. People with disabilities exist everywhere and every time, have you ever asked your parents if there’s a member of the family that has any kind of disability? Ask them now as this will surely open your eyes to their world.

Normal people like us, usually doesn’t know how to interact with persons with disabilities as we tend to get sensitive towards them for we think that we might not be able to help them properly or we could just end up doing the wrong things making them suffer more than feeling good. We just have to listen and understand them, it doesn’t hurt to ask them. If they can’t hear you for they are deaf, it doesn’t mean that they’re also blind. Deaf people are great lip readers. Just talk to them and you’ll be surprised how they make effort to answer you back in a way that you’ll understand.

Here’s a video to help you out on how to properly interact and help PWD’s anywhere you go. This isn’t a joke, it doesn’t mean that only PWD’s are the only one who needs therapy and training. We normal ones also need the training on how to help them the right way! Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Do you have a relative even as far as 3rd degree that has a disability? Let us know how you interact and treat them on a daily basis!

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