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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

WATCH: Ambulance Drone!!!

The things that technology offers today seems endless as it offers a lot of different things that makes our tasks and activities lighter, out environment better, and our surroundings a safer. A Dutch student develops a drone that serves as an emergency defibrillator.

Many people in Europe suffer from cardiac arrest, and for those who doesn’t know every second that passes by without proper medical service or intervention makes a heart attack victims chance of survival a lot lower than those who have readily available treatment or intervention. This is why an ambulance drone prototype which can serve as a defibrillator was made.

The drone can also locate a location of an emergency phone call and track the GPS position of the caller. The drone can travel up to 60 miles (100 Km) per hour and the drone itself transforms for easier carrying. The drone also has a microphone and speaker with a camera so the operator will know what is happening and will be able to instruct what is needed.

The inventor targets to develop the tech further more by making it more versatile so it could also treat other emergency situations like drowning, diabetes, trauma and respiratory problems. Though the drone costs more than $19,000 each, we thing the world needs this kind of emergency service. The inventor, Alec Momont, 23, aims to have an operational emergency drone service network in the Netherlands in the next five years.

Do you think the Philippines would adopt this kind of technology? 
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