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Thursday, May 21, 2015


It is indeed that the customers are always right. But whose fault is this? Read the whole article below.

As been stated in the report by NBC New York, A New York City Starbucks employee has been fired after cellphone video showing her ranting at customers in a Queens store went viral shortly after being posted online.

It is also mentioned in the report that the customer named Ruby Chen, the main target of the employee's tirade, complained about the interaction on Starbucks' Facebook page and posted the video, provided to her by another customer in the store who filmed the entire incident on Tuesday.

She said she'd placed an order for a Frappuccino at the store on Broadway in Elmhurst, Queens, and was pulling up the Starbucks app on her phone to pay. The Starbucks employee asked her name for her order -- but Chen said she didn't hear her.
That's when the worker began shouting at her, Chen said. The worker yanked away the app scanner when Chen tried to pay, and then "told me to leave and never go back" to the store, Chen said. The worker then accused her of trying to steal the cookie straw she was holding. She asked a co-worker to call the police.

See this statement:

"You're talking to the manager," the worker told Chen when asked who the manager was. "Get out. You're not going to be served here. Period. Bye. Bye. Bye."
The worker was a shift supervisor, not a manager, according to a spokeswoman for Starbucks.

When other customers in the store began to speak in Chen's defense, the supervisor began yelling at them.

Lastly, a spokeswoman for Starbucks told NBC 4 New York the employee was fired as soon as they learned of the incident. They have followed Chen on Facebook and still reach out to her and promised that the leadership team will do whatever they can to prevent things like this again.

What are your ideas regarding the rude attitude of the said employee to the customer? Comment your ideas below!

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  1. Obviously based on this video, the employee is so rude but we don't know what happened before this scene. I guess it would be better to upload the whole thing happened.

  2. She dont know how the proper treatment to the customer, a manager should not do that

  3. No one deserve that kind of treatment. We dont know the whole things happen it might be the customer provoke her anyhow the manager must endure it..so sad

  4. She deserve it. She shouldn't hired as the manager in the first place.

  5. In any cituation like this or worst than this one,always remember do not allow your selfcontrol to get lost,and be on your good proper state of your mind.....


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