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Sunday, May 17, 2015

VIRAL: Schoolboy miraculously cured after visiting Holy Site!!

Stephen Reilly, 11, has been fighting an aggressive form of bone cancer for 5 years. But he was pronounced cancer free 2-months ago, and his family claims that he has been cured after visiting a Holy Place in Herzegovina. The place is the Medjugorje religious site.

His dad Michael, from Eyrecourt in Co Galway, told the Irish Mirror: “Stephen was six when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a very aggressive form of bone cancer just above his right knee in April 2011.” The boy went under 8 months of aggressive chemotherapy and limb salvage surgery to remove the tumor.

The boy had several complications including a severe bleed when he was undergoing a leg lengthening surgery that almost cost his life and another tumor that grew from his stump after the surgery because the cancer has already spread to his lymph nodes. The boy’s mother then booked a flight to the Pilgrim site hoping for a cure.

The father then carried Stephen during the climbs and has promised that if ever the boy survives that they will return and climb again. Now Stephen is living a normal and healthy life despite having lost one of his legs.

Do you think that it was divine intervention that cured the boy? 
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