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Friday, May 8, 2015

VIRAL: Muscles turn to rocks, Man almost lost his arms due to body building!!

A man in Brazil almost lost both is arms when his muscle started to turn to stones. It all started when he moved from his hometown of Caldas Novas to Goiana in Brazil three years ago. He said: “I saw some really big guys in the gym with huge arms and I started to make friends with them. “They introduced me to synthol and I got excited about the results – I lost control.” Synthol is a synthetic oil used by many bodybuilders to improve their muscle form even though it has a really bad side effect. Synthol causes addiction and it hardens the muscle where it was injected.

Romario began to find even more dangerous ways of injecting himself with the oil. “My muscles started to solidify and I couldn’t even inject my arms – they were full of rocks,” he added. “I decided the only thing I could do was buy specialist needles to inject. “The kind of needles used on bulls – there are no stronger needles around – I know it seems stupid but I had to get my synthol fix.”He even tricked wife Marisangela Marinho, 22, into injecting him with the oil in places that he could not reach.

He said he modeled himself after the Incredible Hulk. His biceps had swollen to 25 inches at maximum measurement. He even said that he had experienced once being called a monster. But there were also time that he was praised for it like when kids approach him so they could take a photo with him and saying that he looks like the Incredible Hulk.

The oil started to solidify, making the doctors decide to amputate both his arms which really devastated his family. Good thing though that an alternative was found to treat his condition. The doctors then said that they would only remove the “synthol rocks” from his muscle so they wouldn’t need to remove his muscles or amputate his arms anymore.

He then started abstaining from the substance after his wife made him choose between his addiction and their family. He is now recovering from his condition.

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