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Friday, May 22, 2015


What will you feel or do if there are living organisms in your face? Watch this viral microscopic mites living on human face, based on some scientific experiments.

anAs been stated in the report of BBC News, there are two species of mite that live on your face: Demodex folliculorum and D. brevis. They are arthropods, the group that includes jointed-legged animals such as insects and crabs. Being mites, their closest relatives are spiders and ticks and other scary organisms!

It is also mentioned that Scientists have known that humans carry face mites for a long time Demodex mites have eight short and stubby legs near their heads. Their bodies are elongated, almost worm-like. Under a microscope, they look as though they're swimming through oil, neither very far, nor very fast.

Also, these scientists have known that humans carry face mites for a long time. D. folliculorum was spotted in human earwax in France in 1842. You may have around two mites per eyelash.

Last year, it became clear just how ubiquitous they are. Megan Thoemmes of North Carolina State University in Raleigh and her colleagues found, as had previous studies that about 14% of people had visible mites. But they also found Demodex DNA on every single face they tested.

Last year, the two species live in slightly different places. D. folliculorum resides in pores and hair follicles, while D. brevis prefers to settle deeper, in your oily sebaceous glands. Compared with other parts of your body, your face has larger pores and more numerous sebaceous glands, which may explain why the mites tend to live there.

What is more terrifying here is that it is also been found elsewhere, including the genital area and on breasts. What are your ideas regarding this?
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