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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

VIRAL: Michael Jordan stops a fight after Mayweather Vs Pacquiao bout in Las Vegas!!

Michael Jordan stops a fight after MayPac bout!Unknown to many, there was another fight that got cooked after the MayPac battle. The fight was between a security detail and a black guy. This particular security detail is Michael Jordan’s bodyguard who allegedly pushed the angry man aside so his boss could go through the crowd.

The man got angry after he was allegedly pushed by MJ’s bodyguard who seems to have been angered by the accusations. Good thing that Michael himself stepped in between the two clashers. MJ knowing that the guy was a “major player” of some sort immediately stepped in between to save his bodyguard.

Everything was clear on the video, you will even hear people screaming and asking MJ to sign the Air Jordan’s or to stop and have a photo with them. The bodyguard was just doing his job as to get his boss to safety and out of the chaotic crowd immediately and into his car which was parked nearby.

Some people say that the guy involved who’s being called a “major player” is a member of a gang and MJ noticing this came into action and out of respect for the NBA Legend the guy backed away and calmed down. This guy was great for showing respect for MJ even outside the court and this only proves how influential and respected Michael Jordan is even after his all-star year!

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think might’ve happened if MJ didn’t intervene!!

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