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Sunday, May 3, 2015

VIRAL: Man wears the worst statement shirt at Coachella Festival of Music and Art!!

Someone who's obviously proud of what he's done!

In the recently concluded annual Coachella event in California, a photo of a man wearing a statement shirt in the said Festival ignited a frenzy all over the internet particularly on twitter. The photo which was taken by Jemayel Khawaja, managing editor of THUMP where a man was snapped wearing a shirt with the statement “EAT, SLEEP, RAPE, REPEAT” started debates if either this man purposely wore the shirt for the festival or is just another good example of a cheap way of getting attention.

Netizens also asks if the owner of the photo just photoshopped the snapshot or was a classic example of typographical error. A lot of people went from disgusted to nuclear not just on the statement on the shirt itself but also to the guy wearing it. This wasn’t a good way to attend a festival for music and art where many people attend annually, many people hoped that it was really “rave” instead of “rape”.

This isn’t a nice way to get attention, chicks won’t dig this people. Even men, will hate you and might even sucker punch you for wearing this in public. Consider your actions before putting it into reality.

Leave a comment below on what you really think happened here!

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