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Friday, May 8, 2015

VIRAL: A lake gets drained like a bathtub!!

Water drains into lava tubes!There’s a lake in Oregon where it fills up during the rainy season and winter then disappears in summer. The lake has been named as the “Lost Lake” due to the phenomenon. The lake is drained through 2 small lava tubes during summer where there are less rainfall to compensate the lost water.

According to experts, this is a natural phenomenon and should not panic the people. This is due to the formation of the lava tube which were formed 12,000 years ago where the lake has been existing for only 3,000 years and experts say that the lake was formed when lava flowing from a volcanic vent blocked a river channel and created the lake.

The lake has been part of the ecosystem where it became home to different species of animals and gives a steady supply of drinking water and food source for the people. This cycle repeats every year. Though some people tried to plug the whole, authorities even found car parts and other trash in the huge hole.

Expert’s advice that we shouldn’t interfere with the process of nature especially this kind where it is directly connected to the earth. It’s not entirely clear where the drained lake water goes, but researchers have an idea. It likely falls down the lava tubes and seeps through layers of cracked volcanic rock as groundwater.

WATCH: Oregon's mysterious Lost Lake disappears through a hole in the ground #NewsBeatNaturehttp://nbs.io/1OYfMrd
Posted by NewsBeat Social on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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