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Sunday, May 3, 2015

VIRAL: Instant Karma!! Monkey kicks tourist in the face!

Instant Karma!

Travelling is a fun way to spend your vacation especially when you have the budget for it. Even a simple “drive trip” somewhere can be travelling. It’s fun to explore places, but we recommend for you to travel your own country first before you go international, for there are still a lot of places that are so confined that only a few knows about it.

Also, when you travel, make sure to know about the culture, language and some important laws of the place that you’re going to visit. Respect everyone and everything in the places you go to. I’ll give you a good example of a tourist getting instant karma after messing with a Shimla monkey in India. The young man was kicked in the face by the monkey after he “middle-fingered” it.

Watch the video below, be careful of you travels and don’t forget to enjoy! Always keep an extra budget! Leave a comment below about your dream vacation or travel site!

Credit to 'manoharthakur'.

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