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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Most of us have already thought the real meaning of the word ‘paper’ to our own lives. It may be the key to knowledge, a thing to wipe our tears, a paper plane that symbolizes our soaring dreams while we were still young and many more! But after millions of people have watched this viral video of how a ‘simple’ paper could change our life, most of them became too amazed of what a real love can do.

It is said on a specific report done by Trending Archives website, On the 14th day of March in the course of the Korean Valentine’s Day or the so referred to as white day, Soojung and her boyfriend went out for his or her dinner date.

However for some cause, Soojung’s boyfriend ditched her on the restaurant. She then acquired a name that modified her life! Soojung’s boyfriend referred to as her and requested her to look on the glass constructing outdoors. She was stunned to see a gaggle of individuals placing submit-its on the glass of the constructing.

It is also widely seen in the video that Soojung’s boyfriend rented three flooring of the glass constructing and coated it with numerous publish-its. He was helped by 250 individuals to finish the message he needed to inform his girlfriend. On the 14th day of March, through the white, day or the Korean Valentine’s day Soojung stated sure!

Is this true love? Comment your ideas below!

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