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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


In many societies around the world, there are already raising awareness regarding women’s rights and welfare. See this viral video of a social experiment on how people reacted when a boyfriend that is physically abused in public fights back and hits his girlfriend in public! Learn something about this social issue.

As been stated in a reliable report, it is mentioned that the YouTube channel of OckTv, a social experiment entitled 'Physically Abused Boyfriend Hits Girlfriend Back In Public Experiment' is currently a trending video in the social media this past week.

This social experiment was said to be done to see the great distinction on how people react when a girl beats up her boyfriend in public and when a boy fights back.

As been seen in the video, the girl was beating up her boyfriend and none of the people there seemed to care and no one even tried to stop her from beating her boyfriend. But what made this trending and viral is when this guy fights back into his girlfriend, everyone became alarmed by this. The boyfriend was stopped by a lot of men. He was even asked to stay away from her and just leave her alone. He was stopped in getting close to her girl by men in that area.

So what are your reactions regarding this? Can you please comment your ideas regarding this? Put it in the link below!

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  1. Ako nga pnapaluhod pa nun sa thumb tacks...buti hiwalay na kmi...yeyyy

  2. Ako nga pnapaluhod pa nun sa thumb tacks...buti hiwalay na kmi...yeyyy

  3. He is cheater.. thats why..it happen to me ..feel so pained but I never do that in public..but you know its better in public than you fight in the room.. because they will kill each other. In Public someone will stop that kind of violence..

    1. I don't think so. This is only a social experiment on how people would react to that kind of situation. And besides, women have rights yeah, but they don't have the rights to publicly shame and hurt a man. Tolerance of this kind of behavior from a woman against a man is already a deprivation of the rights of men. And besides, that's also the cause of abusive women on a relationship, I'm not mentioning all the women, but some. So it would be nice if both sides in a relationship would know to respect and trust each other.


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