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Saturday, May 23, 2015


This is definitely one of the most-horrifying video of public killing in the world nowadays. How could this happen? How could these people put justice within their own hands? See the video and read the whole article below!

What is very appalling in this video is that it shows how the awful girl dazed and stumbling in the middle of a crowd of people, her face bleeding. After she is viciously beaten, the helpless woman is doused in a flammable liquid before going up in flames, and is filming screaming and writhing in pain as the people just watched her.

Murdered: A horrifying video shows the teenager bleeding as she is surrounded by the incensed mob.
As been stated in the report of Daily Mail UK, there is a police spokesman who said that officers had tried to intervene but were blocked by the bystanders. The said video of the sickening incident was uploaded to YouTube and was viewed hundreds of thousands of times before it was removed.

Helpless: The woman, who appears dazed, is dragged by her hair into the centre of the angry crowd.
The report has also mentioned that the girl has not been identified according to news website Tiempo because the National Civil Police are worried it will spark further tensions in Guatemala. They have said that they are now investigating this killing.

Horrifying: The young girl lies on the crowd while angry people surround her to kick and beat her.
Accused: The crowd set on the girl after she was allegedly involved in the murder of a taxi driver.
Graphic: The moment the girl was set on fire is too graphic to share. Officers said they tried to reach the teenager to help but the mob of 250 surrounding her prevented them from reaching her.
In today’s context of society where violence is massive especially to those people who are weak, poor, and many are becoming victims of injustice. This is directly a very inhumane act of how a minor girl who is not even ‘guilty’ of the crime that is being thrown into her is also faced by many around the world. If we will not continue to fight against this kind of injustice in our country and in the world, it will make the world into ruckus.

Content is too graphic to be published as if humanity is going to end. If you insist to take a look at it, follow this link: http://www.fb.com/1068971139783246/

What are your ideas regarding this sickening news? 
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