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Sunday, May 17, 2015


We always see warning videos , messages,reports and photos about Soft drinks on how it could affect our body once we've started drinking it more often.But some of us are not yet aware or don't have any idea on what could happen if we've take those liquid substances into our mouth and swallow it.

We might learn something about these drinks that commonly seen on a small sari-sari store and one of the best-buys on today's market.

Watch this video of an experiment and see what will happen if you will soak an unpeeled boiled egg in a glass filled with a Cola or Soft Drink for a year. You will be shocked on the result that will came out after this.
This experiment started from January 5, 2007 up to January 5th of 2008. After soaking the egg in a glass filled with cola for 365 days,the egg shell of it was gone. He filters the soft drinks and saw that the egg shell was pulverized and it's color became darker.

As you know a bottle of soft drink contains Oz caffeine citrate, Oz citric acid and Phosphoric acid and we all so know that the skin of an egg is made of Calcium,Phosphorus, and Sodium. These elements dissolved by Cola's ingredients. That is why if you always drink a cola , then your teeth will surely be damaged.Also, if you're drinking too much Cola, it may harm you and could cause you to have an Osteoporosis because it consumes Calcium of your organism.

Do not expect the company to print these warnings on the label on each bottle. 
Let's all think about ourselves and our health before drinking this toxic beverages.

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