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Sunday, May 17, 2015


When we see a homeless man asking for money, we tend to give them money (sometimes food) for them to buy their needs. But what will you do if the homeless man that you have given your money gives you more than you gave him?

As been stated in the article of Medical Daily, one YouTube prankster (the homeless man) decided to switch things up to make a difference. The YouTube Channel named Big Daws, known for his silly comedy sketches, took a more serious tone in his most recent prank video, where he pretended to be homeless, and gave $20 to anyone that stopped to speak to him or give him money. It’s his way of doing a good deed for people who give to those in need. “Today I wanted to give back to the people who are giving to the homeless,” he said.

Big Daws or the said homeless man looks very convincing in the video, where he carries around a sign that says, “Anything Helps, God Bless,” while he waits for someone to approach him. Some people walk right by while others tell him to get a job. But a few good people stop to help — one of them even tells him about how he just got out of a homeless shelter.  His reaction to receiving money was priceless. The prankster gave anyone who offered donations or encouragement their money back plus $20.

But it’s important to know that not only did these generous people get an extra $20 in their pocket but they most likely reaped the great benefits of giving. A study from the University of Albany found that people who got tax subsidies from charitable donations were less likely to have lung problems, emotional and psychological issues, and arthritis and other illnesses and diseases.

What are your ideas regarding this social experiment? 
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