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Saturday, May 16, 2015


In today’s generation, there are only few people who still hold on to what is right. If we find a lost wallet in a very busy street, will we still look for its owner or just use it for our own sake?

This social experiment done by a famous YouTube Channel ‘DennisCeeTV’ that is being entitled as “What would you do with a lost wallet?” Different reactions are commented into this but many have come into one great realization. According to the report of Buzz Flare that in this social experiment a man will be dropping his wallet, which contains a hundred dollars, his ID and credit cards, just to know what people will do after seeing his wallet.

It is also mentioned that in the first part of the video, people are calling him as soon as he dropped his wallet. Some even picked it up just to give it back to him. But there's this one guy that really caught their attention and this guy is definitely awesome.

When this guy is said to have picked up the wallet, he opened it and checked what's inside the wallet. Mainly, the cameras followed this man as he entered the mall. The man entered a store and they saw him holding a blue credit card which exactly the same thing inside the wallet. Again, they followed him as he enters a shoe store in the mall and the man then again used the said card.

Lastly, when the said man went out the mall he took out something from the wallet, they have realized that the said man was holding the owner's ID. The man did started walking and that's when they realized that the man was actually looking for the home of the owner of the lost wallet.
Then, the rest is the history that had made millions of people amazed.

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