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Saturday, May 9, 2015

VIRAL: Chinese man beats toddler in public!!!

Schizophrenic man beats toddler in China!Recently a video of a man beating a child in china has gone viral in their local social media websites and is now getting more attention worldwide. The cctv footage where the child was seen playing with a broom on the streets which was then beaten by a man sparks outrage in china.

The toddler was playing innocently on the streets until a man came up behind him and kicked him making him tumble to the ground, the man then continued to beat the kid even kicking the child while it lay still on the floor. 2 witnesses saw the crime as it happens but did not do anything to stop the abuse.

Fortunately people then came out of an establishment after seeing what was happening and subdued the attacker. The child was still alive but needs serious medical assistance due to some bone fractures and cuts in his hands. According to authorities, the attacker was schizophrenic and is now being detained.

Children are a precious gift from GOD, they should be treated well. Things like this can ruin a person’s entire life for childhood is the most important time of development. This abuse has now ‘caused outrage all over the internet and soon the real world. Though the attacker has a mental illness, authorities should make sure that this will not happen again and should make sure that they give justice to the child.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Video of toddler being beaten on street sparks unrest in China #NewsBeatWorldhttp://nbs.io/1JwT82a
Posted by NewsBeat Social on Friday, May 8, 2015

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