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Thursday, May 7, 2015


If you are being raped at an age of just 10 years old by your own ‘stepfather’ and are being denied of an abortion that could save your life, what will you do?

This awful unnamed child is reported to be denied of her own mother’s appeal to have a lawful abortion to decrease the life-threatening risk of this unwanted pregnancy. She’s being raped by her own stepfather and yet this kind of thing happened to her.

It is said in a report by Daily Mail UK that the youngster was found to be pregnant after arriving at hospital with her mum earlier this month complaining of stomach pains.

Secondly, on examination, a 21-week pregnancy was established. The girl’s pregnancy is the result of having been raped by her stepfather, reports Amnesty International. The director of the hospital in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay has reportedly publicly acknowledged that the girl’s pregnancy was a risk to her health and life, despite her being in stable health condition.

In this report also was stated that the girl has since been readmitted to a different hospital, where her health is being monitored. And even the World Health Organization (WHO) has agreed that pregnancy poses specific risks to young girls whose bodies are not fully developed and that the risk to their lives is very high. How sad for all the cases like this around the world.

Lastly, all options regarding this girl's pregnancy, including safe abortion services, must be made available. On 28 April the girl’s mother requested an abortion for her. Despite this she has reportedly been sent to a centre for young mothers. In Paraguay, abortion is legal when the life of the woman or girl is at risk it is just lawful to have an abortion for her.

What are your ideas regarding this? Do you think she deserve to have a lawful abortion? Comment all your thoughts below!

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