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Friday, May 15, 2015

VIRAL: Adam Levine gets ‘SUGAR’ bombed!!!

Recently, Adam Levine was on his way to Jimmy Kimmel Live studio for a performance and guesting when a fan threw a bag of confectionary sugar at him while he is greeting fans and signing autographs. The attacker was immediately subdued by security.

Navid Farsi, the attacker was arrested and is charged with battery after hitting Adam in the side of the face with a bag of powdered sugar. He was sentenced to three years of probation, 52 counseling sessions, and 20 days of community service. The attacker is also prohibited from going anywhere near Adam and stepping within 500 yards of the Jimmy Kimmel studio.

It seems that this wasn’t the first time that Farsi did a “punny” attack on a celebrity for he was also identified of being the person who threw a “rock” at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. So we assume that the “sugar” attack is based on Maroon 5’s hit single SUGAR. Good thing that Farsi is now facing legal charges after getting nothing from attacking “The Rock”

Adam Levine gets sugar bombed outside Jimmy Kimmel live studio!
Adam Levine attacked with ‘sugar bomb’ 
Though the host of the show Jimmy Kimmel has been known to play pranks on his celebrity guests, this one really looks like it’s for real. The motive of the attacker wasn’t known as well as how he was able to bring a bag of sugar without getting noticed by security at the studio.

Do you think this was done on purpose or was just a public stunt?
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