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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

VIRAL: 5 year-old perfectly imitate Bruce Lee’s Nunchuck scene from “Game of Death” movie!!!

I don’t know if a lot of kids know about the legacy of Bruce Lee, my parents certainly made sure to introduce us to his movies when we were young for they were so fascinated by his skills and talent. His movies became so iconic that many people followed in his footsteps.

Artists this days try to imitate what Bruce Lee has achieved but some make their own legacy by utilizing other forms of martial arts but still makes Bruce Lee their inspiration. Little have we known about who Bruce Lee really was or how he became who he is when he left us in an untimely manner.

I’ll bet you that the generation today will barely know who he is but there’s one kid who is making a statement and is making sure that Bruce Lee stays a legend for this 5-year-old has a video that’s gone viral on the web where he is perfectly imitating Bruce Lee’s Nunchuck scene from the movie Game of Death.

It is an amazing thing to see not because it makes you remember the good ol’ days but it makes you realize that his Legacy lives on through some people who show their kids how good and talented he is in his craft.

Bruce Lee Reborn in 5-Year-Old KidWATCH MORE: bit.ly/bruceLee
Posted by Latinos Post on Saturday, May 2, 2015

Leave a comment below about this amazing kid, do you think we will have another Bruce Lee?!

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