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Saturday, May 16, 2015

VIRAL: 18-year-old has World’s longest tongue and it’s crazy!!

Adrianne Lewis, 18, showing her 4 inch tongue!!Recently a photo of a teenage girl went Viral after she posted a photo of her with her tongue out which really seems long. Some people even said that it was photoshopped. Some people made memes and such using the said photos. Her very flexible serpent-like appendage can actually touch her nose, chin, elbow and even her eye with the help of her hands.

Adrianne Lewis, 18, believes that her tongue is the longest in the world measuring at a whopping 4 inches long. She is currently waiting for a reply from Guinness Books of World record to confirm if she is now the current record holder beating the previous record of 3.9 inches from previous record setter Nick Stoeberl’s.She even claims that it was genetics that gave her the “tongue”, saying that even her mother and grandfather have very long tongues.

With all the fame and attention she’s getting, surely people trying to bring her down will come out. Bashing will start and bad comments will follow. Hopefully she sets a new world record so she can brag the proof to those people who can do nothing but look at other people’s achievements as their own way of getting attention for themselves.

Is it fake or is it real? Let us know on the comments section below!!

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  1. grbi haba ng dila mo te!!!!!!0.0


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