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Thursday, May 7, 2015

VIRAL: 101-year-old man rescued a week after 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal!!

Last April 25, a deadly and destructive earthquake has hit Nepal that killed many and injured a lot more. Authorities scramble to save lives as soon as the tremors diminished. Many were saved, even miracle rescues have been seen like when they saved a 4-month-old infant out of the rubles which only had scrapes on her skin.

Many others came to the aid of Nepal including international rescue communities and military forces who are capable of providing rescue to remote areas in the region. The US led the teams of international aid workers and volunteers. They even provided VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircrafts like the osprey and some helicopters that can be helpful with the rescues.

Recently another rescue has given hope to rescuers who have turned their attention to recovery of dead bodies and instead they have rescued a man they claim to be a 101-years-old a week after the massive quake who was trapped in the rubbles of his house/garden. This has sparked hope for people in Nepal and other rescuers that even after the timespan of 7 days people might still be alive under the rubles.

Let us know on the comments section below on how you’ll help Nepal!

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