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Friday, May 8, 2015

TRENDING: Woman poisons roommate’s food!!!

A video of a South Carolina student is now circulating the web after she was caught “spitting” and sprayingWindow Cleaner” on her roommate’s food. Hayley King, 22, was caught by her roommate after leaving a hidden camera in their kitchen after suspecting that they were being poisoned.

King’s roommate’s notified authorities that they have placed hidden cameras in the kitchen of their off-campus apartment in Colombia, S.C. when they had several arguments with their roommate Hayley king which also refused to move out of the place. The roommates caught King taking out several containers from their fridge and was either spitting in it or spraying window cleaner.

One of the roommate even said that she actually ate from one of the containers before seeing the video and believes that the food was tampered. Hayley King was arrested on February 9th and the student is facing up to 20 years in prison after she was charged with unlawful, and malicious tampering of human drug product or food. She has paid a $5000 bond to get bailed out of jail.

Ever since the video circulated the web, it has gained so much views and reactions from people of the internet. Authorities has already done legal actions regarding this issue. But the world of social media has their own opinion about the charges that should be given to the accused.

South Carolina woman faces 20 years in prison after videos show her spitting and spraying window cleaner in her roommates' food #NewsBeatUShttp://nbs.io/1dOeZrZ
Posted by NewsBeat Social on Thursday, May 7, 2015

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