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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

TRENDING: Rescued bear stands on hind legs due to a “dark secret”!!!

Bear can now stand due to malnutrition!Recently a video of an Asiatic Black Bear has gone viral on YouTube and other social media websites for it was caught walking on its hind legs for extended periods of time making viewers think that it was a man in a bear suit. But experts say that it is the real thing.

Sadly, the story behind why the bear is able to stand and walk like a man is very heart breaking. The bear was actually rescued from a “Bile Farm” where it was underfed and was living in a very small and cramped cage. The people who used to care for the animal extract the bears bile and sell it for medicinal purposes (we know what country did it) generally for traditional medicines and practices.

Sadly the bear was so undernourished that it can now lift its body and walk like a man, this isn’t cute or awesome as some people say without actually knowing the truth. So here it is, wake up! This is the reality that is happening around us. This isn’t Baloo from the jungle book who’s a bear that can also sing and dance.

Hopefully it’s that easy to imagine and compare things in reality after knowing the truth behind something so beautiful yet so sad.

Probably the best video you will see all week...
Posted by 12 News on Friday, May 8, 2015

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