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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

TRENDING: Conjoined twin successfully separated after a 12-hour surgery!!!

The 5 month old twin from Jacksonville, Folrida, Carter and Connor Mirabal is finally separated after 5 long months of being together because they were born with a condition called a conjoined Omphalopagus twins. They’re joined from their sternum to the lower abdomen sharing a liver, small intestine and bile ducts.

The actual operation from the time that the twins got into the Operating room to the time they were taken out and separated took more than 12-hours with the help of a team of almost 20 doctors and nurses which came from different hospitals in Jacksonville, Florida.

Before the operation began, the doctors said that they only have 25% chance of survival. But the operation was successful and both child is alive and doing well, the team and the parents couldn’t ask for a better outcome. The children are in a critical but stable condition but is improving and are showing good signs of recovery after getting separated.

Twin boys born facing each other successfully separated in 12-hour surgery #NewsBeatHealthnbs.io/1FbSaJ6
Posted by NewsBeat Social on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Do you think this is GOD’s will or another marvel of modern science? 
Let us know on the comments section below!!

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