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Saturday, May 9, 2015

TRENDING: Blind mom-to-be sees son through 3D Printing!!

A woman from Brazil who lost her sight at age 17 was given a chance to “see” his son even before he was born. The video was made in partnership with Huggies and their campaign “counting the days”. Tatiana Guerra, 30 years old and was 20 weeks pregnant at the time.

A mother only wishes the best for her child, that’s why our mom’s did everything for us even though they got hurt and tired every time. A mother’s love is like no other even though a lot of us take it for granted. The video you are about to see will make you cry not because it’s sad but because it’s so beautiful. The video showcase the beauty of life and motherhood. The simplicity and complexity of things are amazing.

The mother, Tatiana never thought that she would be able to see her son before he was born. She is so excited about her child that she wanted to have an idea of how he might look like even though she has no idea how. Good thing technology has been doing things that we expect it to do and that is make our lives easier.

A portable 3D printing station was used to make it all happen, the printer was connected to the 3D ultrasound so the image that is formed will be the one printed out making the physique of Tatiana’s little “Murilo”. Watch and be inspired!

Have you hugged your children today? Hug them now and let us know on the comments section below how you felt after watching the video!

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